Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sneak Peak

I loved making these. One set will be my gift for the upcoming Arabian Nights Hunt, I have yet to decide which once I do I'll be putting the others out for sale in my store.


Whoops I missed an item or two.

Hi I'm really sorry I missed a couple of items & one seems to have been eaten I'm hoping to get a replacement pack so I can show you what they have for you in their gatcha.
 Don't forget you can get all of April's Gatchas only at The Candy Factory.

I can't believe I forgot to put these in the original post, seems like I saved them somewhere different to the other ones. From Zoe's Garden are some gorgeous watering cans filled with tulips.

Finally from J&A are several necklaces. The dolphin & water globe are the rares.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

April's Candy Factory

Hey all almost Candy Factory time. It's a gatcha month & I have loads & loads of pictures of the items you can get from the different designers participating in this month. I went picture crazy this time round so many things to show you!! {Though please remember that not all the gatcha gifts are available for blogging so with some there is just a small range of the items available in the gatchas}
As always you can get these items only from the Candy Factory.

First we have some beautiful head jewelry from LNS Designs, the first 3 pictures also show Loudmouth appliers and SLink appliers From EZ's the following ones show a range of Slink nails from Lyrieal's Boutique.

Also from LNS Designs there are some amazing poses with water ball props, I'm also wearing a dress, skin, eyes & wings from Co*Motion.

Co*Motion also has earrings and other water fairy items in her gatchas. These pictures also show the skin and eyes mentioned in the above pictures in more detail.

Co*Motion has other versions of the dress shown in the orb pose pictures and here they are.

Dondi's Doodads has some beautiful items for your home. These include the beach towel, radio, sandcastles, bucket & spade. For indoors there is a couch, table & bookshelf. The various plants in vases are from Sour Pickle and these rock. The swimsuit & gloves are from Toxic*H* and the wellie boots and cute ribbon dresses are from LOoLOo's & Platypus. The seahorse in the bottom pic is from S&C

Sour Pickles also has various pirate dock items {the ship is one of my favs, loving all the little details on it}, the top & jeans are from Toxic*H*, wellie boots from S&C and the glasses from Glo*Mart.

Glo*Mart has a range of dresses available. The fountain in the picture is available from *ZG* Zoe's Garden it has a couples dance in it also.

*ZG* has other fountains that you can get like this one, it has 3 places where you can dance in the fountain {loads of fun!} The various tops & jeans in all the pictures are from Toxic*H* these have appliers for Lola's and Phat azz.

Finally some sexy mesh swimsuits and bikinis from blah.BLAH.blah