Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Candy Factory October

Hey all it's been a while but I'm back.
Candy Factory has a new round going and this month it's Drag Queen. Personally I love themes that may take a designer out of their comfort zone and push them to create something they may not have thought of or tried before.
As usual I have a ton of pics showing you just what you can get and all for a special event only price. Please check that you have the correct slink feet for the shoes that are available.

First up is Co*Motion with this divine gown, I love how it looks like it's shimmering. The fur stole and matching shoes finish this outfit off wonderfully.

Dondi's Doodads also has a showstopping full length dress that shimmers and draws the eye. This also has matching shoes that help you strut your stuff.
 Ez's has some amazing makeups here is just 2 examples the contouring is on a separate tattoo layer so you have it as an extra option. There are some fabulous eyelashes available too.

 Lyrieal's Boutique has a range of makeups that have eyebrows that match the make up palette. This set also comes with 2 contouring options. I'm wearing Ez's other eyelashes in these pictures.

 Physco Clothes has a sexy outfit that includes shoes, I love the ruffles and the colour is perfect for Halloween.
 Sour Pickles brings us some sassy lingerie in Candy & Wine included is slink appliers for your feet.

 Finally is *Toxic*H* with 2 pink outfits one is a mini dress with stocking and the other is a bikini, both come with a range of appliers for various body parts.

So what are you waiting for come and visit the event this October.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Nearly time for another awesome event from The Co-op

The Co-Op is proud to present it's July Event -- The Nexus Event -- July 7th - 21st. Explore the unknown  of another dimension with this two week event, featuring new and exclusive releases from top SL Designers.
Taxi: Nexus Event
Learn more at:  http://freebirdsl.wordpress.com/the-co-op/

Featuring New, Exclusive Creations from:


Guest Designers:

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Come visit the Mushroom Kingdom

The Co-op Mushroom Kingdom event is in full swing and there are so many awesome items here.

Ready for your picture overload? Here we go....

First up some antique grandfather clocks & modern chairs. The clocks are from Myrrine, I love the worn look to these. While the chairs are from BananaN and are really cute I'm love the owl one.

Chimeric has some gorgeous masks. There are other colours available. {sorry for the funky angle on the men's warrior bird mask.}

Now we just need Mario & Luigi and dinner can start, hopefully Bowser wont be dropping in this table and chairs is from ChiMia and is perfect for my inner geek.

I love these and have the angel one still sitting on my shoulder. There are 5 different ones to collect. Their little animations are soo cute. I've only shown you a couple of them.

If you venture below the water you will find a whole load of gatchas I couldn't resist a few like these ones from BananaN.

Now for a small taster of the different mushrooms you can get from Le Poppycock these come with a rez, wear and just the pose/animation {check out the picture for the mushroom name} I found the mushrooms the perfect thing to show off the sexy shoes from M&M these work with the high SLink feet so please bear that in mind. These sexy shoes come in a rainbow of colours.

 The bench has some fun & naughty animations for couples. I thought it best to let you discover those for yourself. Also pictured are some more of the gatcha goodies I won while hanging out under the water.

This is a gatcha item from [LNS] and it works well with some of the items you can buy from them {those are pictured a little further in.} it come in various colours in sets of 4 colours per pack.

This yew tree from Meadow Works took my breath away when I first saw it and I love the little nook inside that you can just curl up and daydream the day away.

Spyralle has a range of beautiful mushroom inspired blouses {my personal fav is the cloudy}. In the first image the earrings are from [Fetch] you can get different colours. I want to nibble these they look tasty. The earrings in the other pictures are from .ginchi. {not all colours are shown} and are uber cute as is the little head pet. The circlet is from Luminary and is available in 5 colours.

The HealthBar necklace & rings are by [LNS] and you can change the level of heal left showing via a hud, my inner geek is so happy with these.
 The hair is from [LNS] and it works with the bow pictured below as the band and the 8-bit bow are both colour change. The hair has 6 shades you can pick from via a hud.

Well my inner geek & myself hope you enjoyed this small taster of what is over at the Mushroom Kingdom. Have fun and go check it out!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Candy Factory - Month June - Theme Sand

Okay, continuing all things Candy Factory here is the items you can buy plus as promised images of the FREE GIFTS from Co*Motion &  [KRC]!!

Here we go picture overload but it's so worth it!

"B.I.P" has some stunning rompers I love the tie dye effect on these.

From blah.BLAH.blah you can get these two dresses, the starshine one is perfect for a lazy day and the Jesse one has the touch of glamour just right for hitting the dance floor

Co*Motion gives us a splash of tropical colours with her Nail Lacquers, sun dress, trikini & matching sandals, the omber mango-lime nail lacquer is a personal fav.

Dondi's Animated Beach Rug looks perfect on my little patch of grass, there are several single and couples sits. I love the first single sunbath one it looks like I'm cloud watching. Also shown is the vintage bikini and swimsuit form Lyrieal's Boutique. {of all the outfit names to get wrong I get my own outfits name wrong, it's meant to be vintage not retro as labeled in the picture}

::ES:: has several goodies on offer there are several colour options for the Flora Goddess Dress I picked out the cranberry to show you. her Nefertiti dress and necklace left me feeling regal, while the romper you can get as a gatcha item is great to wear while spending a day lounging at the beach.

Glo*Mart has a cute yet sexy outfit with a lace top, shorts & ballet flats {the pose on the Louger from Zoe's Garden just screamed for me to dangle one of the flats from the tip of my foot, hehe}. The shorts in the first image are from J&A.

J&A also have another item you can get your hands on and it's this pretty hourglass necklace.

[KRC] the free gift is the high top sneakers, on a slight side note this is the first single sunbath sit I mentioned before, I love it so much and it seemed perfect to showcase the dragonfly dress also by [KRC] you can  also find a swimsuit and another cute dress from this designer.

First item from LNS is this stunning necklace the beads are colour changeable too.
 LOoLOo has a beautiful dress in summer neon colours. I've teamed it with the candy bag you can get as a  free gift you can get from ::ES::

I get so excited when opening the  blogger box from :[P]: their accessories blow me away, there are 3 different finishes for the anchors that adorn these items darkness, golden & steel. With so many items you are spoiled for choice.

I adore the shirt dress with matching wedges from RD Style, it's cute and a little bit geeky {which is why I love it} & sexy at the same time.
S&C has a rough & ready feel with this worn & frayed crop top and shorts, the sandals also by S&C fit the flat SLink feet.

Sacred Dreams has a sexy little number with this Wild dress and the lanyard also from Scared dreams is just one of the items you can get in their gatcha. The radio is the free gift from Co*Motion and it's a watermelon radio how awesome is that?!?!

Toxic*H* has 2 outfits available the first is a sexy little number and the second is a elegant yet casual. The hair & the horns are from LNS {sorry I forgot to add the hair in the picture description}, the hair has different colour options via a hud.

Zoe's Garden has two amazing items for your home a lounger and a raft, both which I've placed in & beside my pool, there is a number of poses on both, several have been used to showcase the outfits from other designers. Finally we have from LNS some celebration balloons I thought they looked perfect tied to one of the seats on the lounger.