Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween Costumes

I love dressing up for Halloween. For the costumes I created this year I tried to think of something I hadn't made previously. I ended up thinking of Aliens, Androids and Grim Reapers. As with previous Halloween costumes I tried to give the outfits a modern look. There are male & female version.
Slink Nail Appliers that match the costumes are also available. Still only at my in world store. Sorry, kicks her outbox.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Now for something completely different

I'm one of the designers in the Swarm of Decor Hunt {Starting Location Here} it started on the 19th October. After making the first set of shoes I thought I would try my hand at something I hadn't done in ages. I don't make furniture that often as getting the couple animations lined up gives me a mild headache. But I love the finished look, these have 3 main colours for the seats of the couch, and chairs and then a myriad of pillow options for each. The coffee table & artwork are also included.

MORE Shoes!!

As I mentioned I'm enjoying making shoes at the moment. With Halloween just round the corner I wanted to bring you some that fit the season. I did one set for the upcoming Bargain Gatcha Event & some that will be for the Nice to Be Halloween Event that is also happening soon. There will be one pair of shoes that will be exclusive to the Nice to Be event though that I haven't decided yet.
First up the gatcha set.

Not all of these will be over at the Event some will only be available at my inworld store. I'll be putting them out in the next few days. I am leaning toward either the Pumpkin Patch or the Jack O Lantern for the exclusive pair. 

New Shoes

I have found that I'm loving making shoes & I've gone shoe happy. It all started innocently enough when I was looking for something easy & relatively quick to make when I was accepted into the Nice to Be event. But I loved how they came out.
You can get them at my inworld store {I still can't put things on the Marketplace. Sorry I am trying to get the error fixed}. My personal favorites are the Celeste ones cause I love pink. I am thinking of doing some of the styles in other colours. If you have a request just drop me a message.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Candy Factory October

Hey all it's been a while but I'm back.
Candy Factory has a new round going and this month it's Drag Queen. Personally I love themes that may take a designer out of their comfort zone and push them to create something they may not have thought of or tried before.
As usual I have a ton of pics showing you just what you can get and all for a special event only price. Please check that you have the correct slink feet for the shoes that are available.

First up is Co*Motion with this divine gown, I love how it looks like it's shimmering. The fur stole and matching shoes finish this outfit off wonderfully.

Dondi's Doodads also has a showstopping full length dress that shimmers and draws the eye. This also has matching shoes that help you strut your stuff.
 Ez's has some amazing makeups here is just 2 examples the contouring is on a separate tattoo layer so you have it as an extra option. There are some fabulous eyelashes available too.

 Lyrieal's Boutique has a range of makeups that have eyebrows that match the make up palette. This set also comes with 2 contouring options. I'm wearing Ez's other eyelashes in these pictures.

 Physco Clothes has a sexy outfit that includes shoes, I love the ruffles and the colour is perfect for Halloween.
 Sour Pickles brings us some sassy lingerie in Candy & Wine included is slink appliers for your feet.

 Finally is *Toxic*H* with 2 pink outfits one is a mini dress with stocking and the other is a bikini, both come with a range of appliers for various body parts.

So what are you waiting for come and visit the event this October.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Nearly time for another awesome event from The Co-op

The Co-Op is proud to present it's July Event -- The Nexus Event -- July 7th - 21st. Explore the unknown  of another dimension with this two week event, featuring new and exclusive releases from top SL Designers.
Taxi: Nexus Event
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Featuring New, Exclusive Creations from:


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